Welcome to the Sabah Nepal Website


SABAH (SAARC BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OF HOME BASED WORKERS) NEPAL has strong network more than 3000 women home based workers who have taken the membership in organization. These members own and manage the organization and spread all over the country. The women being trained and organized in group are able to develop craft and food-based products.

Our Missions

To provide a platform for home based workers to own, manage, operate and market, skills and products, enabling collective marketing.

To develop knowledge and skills of home based workers to enable the production of high quality marketable goods and services.

To optimally utilize available natural resources and indigenous skills for conversion into innovative products.

To streamline the supply chain by strengthening the backward and forward linkages.

To build institutional linkages and form alliances for furthering the objectives of the organization

To build a model for women empowerment by enabling them to become self-reliant through sustainable livelihood.

Where do We Work?

Our Partners

Following the tragic 2015 earthquake. SABAH Nepal has been able to develop earthquake relief and recovery programs in partnership with the following members.