Traditional colorful geometric designs hand-woven in the loom, producing only up to 3 to 4 inch in a day depending on the design.
Strong and resistant fiber from wild-stinging nettle plants collected in remote Himalayan regions (can be mixed with wool or cotton).
One of the most natural fibers made from the pulp of bamboo plants. This fabric is very environmentally friendly as it is the fastest renewable resource gifted by the nature (can be mixed with cotton).
For more than 10.000 years, the cannabis plant have been spun to create hemp, a durable and natural fiber with a raw finish look. The fast-growing speed of the plant makes it very sustainable.
Soft and smooth natural fibers. Its delicate characteristics require high skilled artisans to ensure the best end result (can be mixed with cotton).
Also known as the “White gold”. Soft organic cotton produced in the fields of Nepal and harvested by our artisans.
From cashmere to yak or sheep, we offer the best wool to created beautiful knitted products.


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