Pratima Tuladhar

Rijee Khadki
September 27, 2016
Bhabi Pun
September 27, 2016
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Pratima Tuladhar

Age: 53

Address: Paknajol, Kathmandu

Occupation: Master trainer of stitching in Sabah Nepal

Living situation: Married with two sons

Occupation of Family: Micro Business/ Private Service

Enrolled with Sabah:  February, 2009

Income before joining Sabah: Nrs.7000-8000/Month

Income after joining Sabah: Nrs.14, 066/Month

Ethnic group: Buddhist from newar community


I was just an ordinary house wife with deep interest in stitching which I learned in my younger days and working on odd jobs from home. I was very shy and lacked confidence who could not go out of the house alone. I was afraid to ask for the wage of my work. But I always wanted to become an independent woman who does not have to depend on husband’s income.

I was a member of home net which helped me to expose my skill by linking to Sabah Nepal where I came to know about Home based workers. I enrolled as a member. After joining Sabah, it had brought a drastic change in my life. I was of first group and went SEWA India for 30 days long training in stitching. I am very happy that I got an opportunity to participate in training in Ahmedabad, India. With this and other trainings my skill level developed. Not only had I learned how to talk and voice my opinion. I have become a helping hand for my family.

After long years of  joining in Sabah and hard work, Sabah has made me very much confident and I feel proud to be called as a Stitching Master trainer and passing on skills to other women. I frequently travel to different places to provide training to other woman home based workers of rural area like Sankhuwasabha, Hateuda, Mulpani, Banepa and other clusters. Sabah also gave me chance to work in Sabah tailoring shop.

In coming days, I want to train more women like me and make them skilled. At the end I would like to convey that “Woman are not only born to work in the boundary of their home and community but they can prove themselves better if the opportunity are given to them”

Finally, I am very much thankful towards Sabah for making me independent. I would like to see Sabah Nepal as a renowned organization the world.