Deu Maya Limbu

Bhabi Pun
September 27, 2016
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September 13, 2016
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Deu Maya Limbu

Deu Maya Limbu came to Kathmandu with some basic Dhaka weaving skills. In Kathmandu, she started worked on daily wage basis which was barely enough to make a living. Then, she decided to buy her hand-loom for which she sold all her jewels and took also a loan. But still, it was difficult for her to make a living out of the sales activities of dhaka fabric and pay back the loan at the same time.

Deu Maya Limbu joined SABAH Nepal in 2009 and got the opportunities to take trainings related to weaving and leadership skills. She started working at SABAH Nepal as a piece rate weaver and gradually was able to pay back all her debts. She is now the leader in SABAH’s community center in Byasi, Bhaktapur. She is now recognized by her peer group as a mentor and care taker of the weavers like herself.  

As an accomplished weaver she said :

“I want to have my identity as a worker and raise my voice in the society. Hand crafted products should get a better price and even the customers must appreciate and should not hesitate to pay a higher price for such handcrafted products which is also conserving our cultural heritage.”