Bhabi Pun

Pratima Tuladhar
September 27, 2016
Deu Maya Limbu
September 22, 2016
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Bhabi Pun

Occupation: weaving production assistant/ Former board member of SABAH Nepal


I left home at an age of 16 along with my friends with a dream to earn a better income in the city. I couldn’t attend school at earlier age because of my poor family background. After I left home, I went to Gulmi and worked in construction sites. Now I am living with my son at a rented room in Dhungedhara. I have been raising my sons on my own since last 12 years, after I got separated from my husband. It was very difficult for me to educate them. I used to take loan sometimes to meet their needs.

Fortunately, I got an opportunity to attend 35 days long training at SEWA India for weaving through Home Net Asia and SABAH Nepal. Since 2009, I am working as a Production assistant in weaving department at SABAH Nepal at the Trade Facilitation Centre. The biggest opportunity for me is that SABAH has given me chance to be one of their Board members where I was able to represent many women like me.

To me, weaving is quite an easy and good job compared to other jobs that I have done in the past. Now, I am satisfied and secured on what I have achieved working at SABAH Nepal.

In the future, I am planning to go back to my village at Rolpa and provide weaving training to other women like me and later on, in a way to help them improving their living.