Anita Thapaliya

Hari Devi Shrestha
September 27, 2016
Rijee Khadki
September 27, 2016
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Anita Thapaliya

Age: 43

Permanent Address: Chitwan

Temporary Address: Thecho, Lalitpur

Marital status: Married with two son and a daughter

Occupation: Supervisor in QC department

Expertise: Stitching & Sample making

Occupation of Family: Micro Business

Enrolled with Sabah:  May, 2009

Income before joining Sabah: Nrs.1500 to 2000/Month

Income after joining Sabah: Nrs.12, 038/Month

Ethnicity: Hindu from Brahmin community


“My journey of empowerment began from a small rented room where I used to do stitching with limited skills. My earning was not much with whatever skill I had and I used to struggle to fulfill my basic needs and of my three growing children. It was a difficult life.

My life started to take a turn when I enrolled as a member in SABAH Nepal. SABAH not only enhanced my technical skills but it groomed my life skills. I never knew I had so much potential in me. Gradually my confidence level increased and became a professional artisan. Currently I am working as a supervisor of Quality Control Department in SABAH Nepal’s TFC. My responsibility is to check properly the quality of all products made by other HBWs before sending it to store/ market.

I am an empowered woman who can take her own decisions and support family economically. Today, I am able to cover all my needs, I have been saving and also buying assets to make my children’s future secure.

I am proud to be associated with SABAH Nepal. And I would be proud to work for Sabah Nepal in coming days. My best wishes are with Sabah Nepal.