Buying Process

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Our artisans use their skills to constantly develop new products using different fabric techniques.You can find the samples of the products we are currently offering in the catalogue.

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Have you felt in love with one of our products? Fill out the order form and send it to marketing to recieve a cost and lead time estimation.Since our products are all handmade,we can work on low minimum quantities

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Once your order is finished we will send you the order according to the selected shipping method followed by the final invoice.

Why Partner with us

Uniqueness of our design

Sabah products are hand made under the concept of beauty of imperfection. Our artisans choose carefully from our natural fibers,creating products with a raw final touch that outstands from usual mass production.Our aim is to launch a new collection every 6 months.

High-quality fabrics and finishing

Hand-woven fabrics(Dhaka, mixed allo-cotton) along with natural wool and fibers of Himalayan(allo) are part of our collection offering. All the products are being checked during making-process in order to deliver high-end and quality-wise recognized locally and internationally.

Social Consciousness

 SABAH Nepal is owned and operated by women home-based workers.They receive fair wages as well as safe and secure working conditions. In progressive circles, consumers enjoy the idea of being able to make a difference in other people's lives.Buying handmade has come to connote moral virtue,signifying an intrest in sustainability and a commitment to social justice.