Women's entrepreneurship holds strong potential for spurring economic opportunity and job creation.Growing evidence suggests that economically empowering womenadds substantial benefits for the health and well-beging of families and communities. SABAH Nepal's Entrepreneurship Development programme aims at the delivery of training to motivated home-based workers towards entrepreneurship,develop their business understanding and skills and empower them to independently established and manage successful enterprises. The program covers the basic of identification,setting up and management of business to meet the needs of budding as well as existing entrepreneurs.

The programme focuses on the following interventions :

1. Access to finance. 

2. Business Development Services which include business training, business advice or mentoring, technology transfer, business incubation services, business formalization services and creating / linking with women’s entrepreneurial associations.

3. Providing market linkages for women's firms.


SABAH Nepal's Trade Facilitation Center have experts on a number of business or industry-specific issues.They act s consultants to who need assistance and provide standard services such as assistance on writing project proposal, advice on marketing, financing and so on. SABAH Nepal links these entrepreneurs to its network of existing members and provides handholding support to them when needed.

A major impediment to entrepreneural development in rural communities was the lack of linkage with financial institutions and the knowledge needed to acquire funds to finance their venture.SABAH Nepal has established its own cooperative which as to support entrepreneurs from its existing members network. Apart from this SABAH supports individual/community enterprises develop relationships with local financing institutions and provide training sessions to discuss how financial institutions approach the granting of loans and evaluate credit worthiness.