Identification of women home based workers

In Nepal, the number of home-based workers is estimated to be over 2.2 million. Mostly represented by women who are working in their home, or in a yard, or field near home, to make cash income. they are considered to be a home based work. With this identification stage, SABAH Nepal aims at recognizing legally the women home based workers who will join SABAH Nepal as a member.

Enhancement of skills

Being now a member, SABAH Nepal gives her the choice of various training to enhance her skill. SABAH Nepal offers a wide range of training : technical (related to the textile crafts and food processing) or non-technical (leadership, health program and counselling).

Establishment of community based enterprise

Being now well trained, the women member of SABAH Nepal are able to join a group (named clusters) which are spread all over Nepal. The clusters are organized under a community based enterprise; meaning that women can work together, having a safe and secure facilities.

Design and product development

The intervention of design and product development are both key to products which fit to the market's needs. A dedicated designers team and volunteers create many different design for textile. This stage is also considered into the food processing under the activities of The Village Cafe. The menu is being prepared according to the various available organic food which were harvesting by the members of SABAH Nepal.

International and national market linkages

SABAH Nepal promotes the textile crafts and The Village Cafe activities both in Nepal and at the regional and international level. SABAH Nepal has 5 business unit based in Nepal and participate to national and SAARC regional events. We adapt our ranges of product according to institutional buyers, designers and export customers.